Saturday 31 July 2004

July 31, 2004

Skegness to Ollerton Bike Ride
I am sat here typing this short message with one of the kids inflatable rings glued to my Arse !!
I was a bit worried about Emma and the rest of the girls making it all the way and keeping up.
By the 50 mile stage my arse,knees and ankles were killing me and the girls all looked quite relaxed !!
It was a brilliant effort by everyone and a really enjoyable pre bike ride night was had in Skegness which included one or two high energy drinks ready for the following morning.

I really wished that a camera had been handy when I was woken up very early on the morning of the ride, to the sound of Fred doing a multi coloured yawn just outside his tent which was only bettered by Wally dissapearing over the front of his handlebars just down the road from the clock tower.

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